Drone Video

Awesome aerial shots, done safely

Stunning Aerial Video Production, Fully licensed by the CAA.

We were there at the dawn of the Drone Age. Back in the Noughties, drone filming and technology was a rarity, but we were early pioneers in the West Midlands. Now, drones are part of everyday life as well as filmmaking, and aerial footage adds drama and scale to any video.

As experienced drone operators, we love what drone filming can achieve, but will always comply with UK safety regulations.


We now have 2 in our ‘fleet’ of drone cameras, all of which can fly up to 400 feet.


Our Inspire 2 delivers cinema-quality footage and can fly independently, so 2 operators can work together to synchronise camera and drone. The Inspire 2 will capture truly cinematic shots.


Our Mavic pro 2 is our super reliable and flexible drone. She can fly up to 44mph and folds down to fit in a backpack. So you can take her anywhere and film pretty much anything. We call her our ‘Swiss Army Knife’


Go where you can’t

Yes this is obvious, but it truly makes a difference being able to put cinema quality cameras where it’s just not been possible before.

We’ve been in the air longer than most

With over 8 years flying experience, we not only know the tech inside out, we have the experience in aerial shot composition to tell the story in the right way.

World wide experience

Drone regulations can challenge the viability of international projects, we have access to a trusted network of pilots to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Watch some of our favourite films and see for yourself

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