Our Process

Delivering results through research, planning and execution.

Get to know you

The first stage of all video is understand you, in order to represent your brand and messages in the right way this has to be the first step on the journey to great video content.

Understand your message

Every video is different, we pride ourselves on researching the subject matter of every message our clients ask us to communicate or promote. We look at as much as you can throw at us, competitors, other media and a whole lot of talking. The time taken here ensures we have a full understanding of the scope of the project.

Agree an approach

We are an innovative production company and we love knowing we can draw upon the years we have been creating content. Using this experience and taking into account our client and their message we now understand, we will present ideas of how best to get it across.

Plan the execution

Every project requires planning. We have been responsible for significant projects requiring in-depth planning to ensure we execute them on budget and on time.

Execute the plan

Once we have the plan we can efficiently produce what is required. From drones to 3D animation, the production is when the magic happens with our clients at the heart of every angle we select.

Deliver the result

With an ever changing landscape, we have the knowledge and tools to ensure your video content works and is right for anything from social media streams to 40ft projection screens.