Our Process, Here’s where we add value

Process. It’s our secret weapon. We research, we plan, we execute, we review. After 15 years, we’ve developed a clear, detailed process. We’ve tried it and tested it and so far, we haven’t broken it.

It’s flexible enough to adapt to last minute change and detailed enough to ensure there are no dropped balls.


Get to know you

The highly detailed, fact-finding phase. We need to know you, your ideas, your brand position, your products and your services inside out. This early communication is vital to the success of any of our work.

Our aim is to become experts, understanding each of our clients in depth, allowing us to
propose video content that delivers.

Your Message

We want to make the right film for you for the right reasons. So we take time to understand what’s driving the need for the video and what you want it to do. Starting from your brand position means that we start from a position of strength.

The Approach

We come back to you with a full creative response, timeline and cost estimate. You’re free to quiz us on any aspect, and nothing is signed off until you’re happy. We’re always honest and upfront about the practicalities such as budget and timings.

Plan the Production

This is the pre-production phase and where we create a full project plan. From crew to kit, from talent to locations, we know how important it is to make sure a robust plan is in place to ensure a smooth production. We do our best to anticipate the unexpected!

You’ll have one point of contact for your entire project, but as we’re a lean team any of us can pick up at any point if needed.

Into Production

This is where the magic starts to happen. When we’re filming or live streaming, our experience really shows. We pride ourselves on running a great shoot, keeping our clients involved throughout. 

If we’re producing something completely original or in a new way, we’ll have tested it fully beforehand, and shared the results. 

The only surprises should be pleasant ones!

Review The Results

Did it work? It’s always important to review how the content landed with the audience otherwise, what’s the point! 

Our ongoing objective is to make better content for all our clients and the only way to do this is through learning from the experience. Welcoming constructive criticism and investigating the numbers to do an even better job next time.

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