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Kevin Riley
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Filming can take us to some beautiful places sometimes abroad and sometimes closer to home. Kevin Riley Business Coach and professional speaker has been working with 22 Digital a marketing and branding agency based in coventry to help re-define and position Kevins public persona through a brand and message refresh. 

A central part to this exercise was a video to express how the natural environment influences how Kevin approaches his work and how this can help the people that work with him. This video content was to be used front and centre when landing on Kevin’s site as well as in a wider media campaign.

Our approach


After working with 22 Digital on the tone for the video, sighting numerous examples of content that had the right tone, the right visual style and the right pacing we settled on Snowdonia to be the location we felt confident would allow us to create the right content. 

With a crew of three, a car loaded with equipment and a mountain, lake and forest to work with, we had 2 days to create. 


With a mix of large environment drone shots, more intimate moments of reflection and scaling the heights of the landscape we were able to capture a significant amount of material which allowed the edit to flow with the messages voiced by Kevin. 

Kevin was brilliant to work with, it’s certain that some of the more exciting shots in this piece we would not have been able to achieve without his boundless enthusiasm. 


Now, where are our crampons for the next adventure?


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