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GFirst has been a client of ours for the past few years and they approached us for their latest project to raise awareness for investing into the county for the international market. The aim was to highlight the lifestyle, history and breadth of industries within the area. 

Our approach: 


The team started brainstorming, coming up with creative visual ways to promote Gloucestershire to an international market. We thought that the best way to show the diversity and success within the area was to combine the natural scenic landscapes with their neighboring high tech industries. 


We needed to ensure that these two visually juxtaposing environments would cut nicely together. We came up with the idea of having the camera continuously dollying forward. This would help us to create a consistent look and feel for the edit but would also allow for the shots to transition well as the dolly movement continues through to the adjacent shots. 


As there were multiple areas and industries to cover we decided that each sector would be allocated one shot for the film. Because of this it was important that we could use a mixture of ground and aerial footage to give us the option to best showcase each of these.


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