7th November 2019 Article

Free drone image of cheltenham

We took this panoramic image of Cheltenham earlier today using one of our new drones. Heres a link to the file in original HIGH RES quality. Please feel free to use it however you like, if you would like to be awfully nice and tag us in this, that would be just great! The image […]

7th December 2017 Article, Video production

Team Sky October Camp

It feels like it was just yesterday we started working with Team Sky but it’s been over a year! We have done a great deal of very interesting work with the team and have fast become part of the furniture. Most recently we were charged with accompanying them on their annual end of season camp […]

15th February 2017 Article, Video production

Team Sky Winter Camp

In December we found ourselves on our travels out to Mallorca for Team Sky. We hit the ground running with a lot of video content to capture. One of the main aim’s was create a series of nutrition informational videos, giving some top cycling chef tips for all of their fans. The bexmedia team worked […]

20th July 2016 Article

So You Want To Shoot On iPhone?

Sometimes, our clients ask us if they can send us footage shot an iPhone. Don’t get the wrong end of the stick here, iPhone’s don’t do as well as using a proper camera and skilled professionals but sometimes it’s all they can get us. If you find yourselves needing to shoot content on an iPhone […]

17th July 2015 Article, Motion Graphics

Origami Animation Test Day

Bexmedia travelled to Dairy Studios on Wednesday the 15th July to do a test day for a stop-frame origami animation for Darkhorse Agency. This test day was key to the entirety of the project, to ensure that any quirks in the equipment or software were sorted out before the actual shoot. As it so happens, this […]

26th May 2015 Article

So You Wanna Know How We Did It?

Hi Guys, Its been a long time coming but we have the new Bexmedia site live and its looking rather dandy! One of the things that we think represents part of the ethic of Bexmedia is how we found a great way of branding our contact us page…

10th March 2014 Article

Why Colour Grade?

So over the recent month we have been working on a variety of different projects and as ever trying to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

23rd December 2013 Article

It’s Been A Busy Old Year

So a little round up post from what’s happened and looking forward to what could be on the cards for next year. So one, we moved!