A Naughty or Nice Bex Christmas

20th December 2023 Article

This year for Christmas we decided to bless everyone with a peek behind the curtain to see who we are and what we really think about each other.

One of the main goals we have had this year as a team is to show a more personal side. We are a team of strong (and sometimes weird) personalities and they make up who we are and why we work so well as a team. This year’s Christmas video is an opportunity for people to get to know us better.

We think it’s really important both personally and professionally to reflect on the year past, to take a chance to sit back and look at our achievements and challenges. Whether this is something we have worked on together as a team, something that we have achieved as individuals, or something that we have struggled with that we would like to learn from moving forward into 2024.

The main focus of the video is to have some fun and share some laughter but also a chance for us to talk about the proudest moments and biggest challenges.

Proudest moments:

Craig: “The Movember campaign and more specifically the ManUp video we did”. This was a great project that we worked on towards the end of the year. Whilst we were shining a light on the many charities Movember works with, we felt that it was really important to spotlight this local business as they are closer to home. We worked with Daniel from ManUp to film a short explainer video aiming to spread the word around Gloucestershire and help any men in the local area who may be struggling to find the available resources.

Lexy: “The Grundon Cricket Job that we did in the summer. That was a really big project and the whole team worked together and it was a really great day. There were a lot of components and things that we all had to do and remember to do and it went really smoothly”. One of our newer clients reached out and asked us to film this collaboration video with Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and it was one of the few times the whole team is involved in a project, this was one of those shoot days that you fall over exhausted into your bed at the end of the day but it was so rewarding and really well received by both the client and GCCC. To read more on how this project went follow the link.

Tom: ” I was really proud of the big Mira project that we did, we had a lot of people working on it and it went really well”. Mira have been one of our biggest clients for the past 5 years and these projects always take up a lot of time and resource. The team are always super excited to be a part of it and the content always looks incredible. Stay tuned next year for the release of this campaign.

Alex: “I am really proud of the Movember campaign. I think we all put a lot of effort into it and raised a lot of money for a really good cause and I am really really proud of how that went”. As we mentioned earlier, this was a great campaign for an amazing cause and really brought the whole team together. We produced a video documenting the final 20km hike we did as part of our 60km for the 60 men we lose to suicide every hour, to read more on our experience taking part this year follow the link.

Josh: “Watching the team develop and consistently produce high-quality outputs. Juggling multiple projects, deliverables, and clients at the same time.” This has been a great year for Bexmedia and we have all grown and developed whilst producing some amazing content! Head over to our project page to see what we’ve been up to.

Biggest Challenges:

Josh: “The volume of work and delegating through the lovely staff members.” This year Josh’s job evolved as he was promoted to Creative and Operations Director, as well as a myriad of other responsibilities, this saw him take on additional staff members under his line management title and ultimately have to deal with one more person asking him 100 million questions a day.

Alex: “I am always hungry when I am working, so I’ve managed to now bring some snacks, which I have depending on how long I’ve been editing so I can keep editing effectively and efficiently and that’s really helped.” Alex has evolved from having a strict 10:30 am cereal bar to mixing it up with some Belvita Breakfast Bars and grapes – we’re all really proud of his growth this year.

Lexy:I think my biggest challenge, which is honestly an ongoing challenge is the Xero accounting software. I am just constantly fighting with it but Josh has been teaching me so I am getting there but it’s a battle I am constantly fighting.” Big credit goes out to Josh for dealing with the never-ending questions that come when you pair an English Literature brain with any kind of numbers or calculation. This has been a journey.

Tom: “The raid. So we ran out of space on our raid and obviously all of our stuff is data so I have been spending the last few weeks putting drives in one by one.” Our Kit Room King has been hard at work to make sure all of our data makes it through to the New Year, what would we do without him?

Craig:Squaring the circle of running a business and having a 3-year-old and somehow managing to find enough time for both, but have i? That’s the 50 million dollar question.” We think considering Craig has to juggle his actual child with all of his work children he’s done pretty well this year.


A huge Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Bexmedia and thank you for your continued support. We can’t wait to see what exciting projects we encounter next year! See you on the flip side.

Written by Lexy Condick