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Gloucester college approached us this year to produce another promotional video. This video was specifically focused on promoting all creative courses that the College has to offer. 

The client had two deliverable requirements a 1:30 minute video and a shorter social media specific video. These videos would be distributed on a variety of platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter and the Gloucester College website. 

The end result of these videos would be entice and engage with potential new students and to promote these specific creative courses. 

Our approach

Early on in the creative process we decided to used fast interesting transition to movie between each creative course. In total there were 7 courses we needed to capture.  Creative Media, Performing and production arts, Art and Design, Graphic design, Fashion and textiles, Photography, Music and music production.


We identified specific actions that we could use to either in camera transition or later in post production. 

GlosCol shared their new exciting brand guidelines with us and we discussed as a team how we could subtly implement these into the video. You will see that each scene in the video has at least one core colour from the brand guidelines, we used RGB light tubes to achieve this.

We wanted constant movement in each shot and scene. To achieve this we used an easyrig camera vest to allow the camera operator the ability to capture these sepcifc shots.

Each scene was made up with multiple students who were our talent for the day. We made sure we had a two Creative Directors on set working in tandem.  Having two directors allowed us to be efficient when directing the students as well as the camera operator.


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