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We were contacted by PEI Media, a global finance and markets organisation, to help with their brand re-launch. With the aim of supporting them with the creation of motion content to align and work alongside their new brand imagery and new site. 

This would include; A homepage brand animation, Adjustable motion content for use in all other PEI video content, title styles and Versioning the core brand animation for use with different colourways in the various market executions.

As the importance of video in how any organisation rises, we are thrilled that people are placing their trust in us to help bring new brands and brand refreshes to life with motion. In our opinion, the same care should be given to the motion design of a brand, as the original design. 

The new PEI logo and brand identity is simple, strong and with some interesting graphic “nods” that allowed the team at Bexmedia to be creative with a clear style. 

PEI are a global entity with a significant reach, the strength and simplicity needed to shine through with an animation execution that was not overly complex whilst maintaining visual interest.

After presenting and discussing 3 concepts which relies on simple use of their shapes, compelling footage and leaning on the 45 degree chamfer as a motion device along with options for colours and geometrics, was the route taken. 


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