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We work a great deal with our friends at Dark Horse Agency and always relish the projects we work on with them. 

The project was to promote the benefits of Florachamp, a probiotic that helps combat adverse events associated with taking antibiotics. 

Our Approach


We worked with Dark Horse to align a script and storyboard, whilst also considering the other collateral that was associated with the brand. 


We had access to the product pack artwork and we chose to use this to create a 3D visualisation of the box and contents to form part of the piece. We took time to make this as visually accurate to the real life product as possible, verging on the photo-real!


The pharmaceutical actions of probiotics are often very hard to convey due to their complexity, so a slightly more conceptual route was taken in order to make the message easy to understand for the audience. 


We are really pleased with the end result and hopefully so is the viewer. 


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