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The Brief:

Never work with animals or children is an old adage in our industry, well with PDSA we were certainly going to break the first part of that rule… or did we?

The fundraising that helps support the amazing work that PDSA do for their clients and their pets, is crucial to the ongoing success of the charity. They reached out to us as they had an immediate need to produce something that told of their core values and why they are so important to the people that use their services. 

They had a fundraising opportunity to become a charity partner and therefore we were tasked with producing a short animation to speak to this audience and gain their support. 

Our approach

Let’s not beat around the bush, this was a quick turn around project, we had to understand them, their message, their brand and their audience in a short timescale. Then come up with an approach which worked… 

We love the new brand direction and the tone of voice for the organisation. Their team was able to spend time with us to articulate exactly the type of messaging they were looking for and collaboratively we worked on a script to back the piece. 

Once this was all agreed, we got on with the illustration and animation, whilst working in parallel with one of our talented voiceover artists to bring this all to life. 

Into the bargain, we versioned the piece to allow for one which was targeted directly at the specific fundraising opportunity and one which would fit a more generic audience. 

Although on this occasion we didn’t have to get the cameras out, we are itching to test out how the Bex team can break the rule about working with animals. I think a portion of the next budget will need to be dog treats. 

Sit. Stay. Stay. 

A massive thank you from us once again, the video looks great and thanks for providing the subtitled version as well. We set a near impossible task with the very tight deadline but I’m incredibly grateful how you have captured our ideas and made it into a great video.

PDSA – Scott Williams, Strategic Partnerships Manager

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