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Karndean Knight Tile
  • Animation
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  • Video Production

We have been working with Karndean for several years, mainly on their installation content, so we were delighted when they asked us to flex some animation muscles on a different sort of project. 


The Knight Tile range needed a piece of launch and awareness content to be used across their socials. As a client one thing they have always had in their favour is a fantastic selection of photography for their products, so this was to be the basis for the animation. 

In the age of the “social scroll up”, content needs to grab the attention within the first few seconds, drawing the viewer in and making them watch as much of the video as possible. A playful motion-heavy style was needed.  

The simple yet effective masking and motion technique, which is very much on trend, was the route that was chosen. Using their images, punctuated with short animated text to hit the key benefits and reasons to learn more. 

Designing motion graphics for the square aspect ratio is significantly different than the usual 16:9. Getting this feeling right and being appreciative of the fact this was likely to be viewed on the smaller screens of mobile devices, needed to be at the front of our minds during the development. 

Although this project needed to work without audio, we also paid attention to how the music was going to fit with the motion style. The music needed to fit and the motion needed to fit that track. 

Working collaboratively with the marketing team at Karndean, iterating ideas and routes, we feel that the resulting animation will do the business and look forward to reviewing the results in a few months time. 


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