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After working with the Gloucestershire LEP for several years profiling their major projects, they presented us with a bit of a different challenge.

As the country is looking to transition to looking to new markets with regard inward investment, it was our challenge to capture and communicate the key areas that Gloucestershire has to offer foreign investors.

The areas we had to focus on were: Agri-tech, Cyber-tech, Renewables & Advanced Engineering

One thing that was key, is that we communicated these things quickly as the target demographics are quite separate and therefore crafting the animation to engage quickly with our key audience was critical.

Once we had a base concept agreed, we worked with Sam (one of the talented illustrators on the books) to create some sketches, followed by some beautiful vector images, ready for the team to animate.



The animation in this project is fairly complex and we paid particular attention to the overall feel. It needed to be playful and exciting, but not childish.

Another visual hook we added to this to lift the piece even further is all in the texture. Applying a series of texture passes, turns something that could feel a little clinical, into something that feels a lot more organic.

This piece will form a part of the LEP’s ongoing communications and a wider video strategy to show to those potential foreign investors, promoting the best parts of Gloucestershire and stimulating economic growth.

A big thanks must go to our friends over at the LEP, letting us flex our creative muscles and create a piece we are proud of.

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