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The Lifestyle Financial Planning company Attivo approached Bexmedia with a focused and wonderful brief to capture the essence of what Attivo was in a short video piece. This was to be played at an upcoming external event that the company was sponsoring.

We spent time understanding the full context of the event as this would very much alter any creative approach we would suggest.

Was this going to be used in an ambient context or were we going to have the full attention of the audience?

Should we assume that the content would be able to have sound as this could add a further creative element to the piece?

As this was the first time we had worked with Attivo and there was a tight deadline for the production, we needed to get to the core of what they are about quickly. Their team was able to articulate their brand to us, giving us a snapshot of how they talk and present themselves.

This allowed us to understand them and highlight some potentially useful graphical elements along with message themes that we could lean on.

A hero piece of literature was highlighted, their Attivo Life Magazine. Its aim was to affirm the link between lifestyle and how their financial advisory approach helps, all communicated with a certain style of imagery and graphic design.

This would become an important aspect in the direction for the piece.


We suggested a method using time as an emotive connection to the audience’s desires. We all want to have more time in life to enjoy the parts that matter. It’s an aspiration that deep down we can all connect with.

This married well with the approach that Attivo use, taking time to understand their clients, their wants in life and how to get there.

So we finalised a concept that would start with all the busy hectic parts of life building to a crescendo, then moving to a serene set of aspirations that were hopefully relatable to the audience.

As time was tight on this delivery, we couldn’t explore the options to get our cameras out. This one was going to have to rely on our stock libraries.

The hunt was on!

The Bexmedia team set about collating stock footage assets to work with whilst keeping the conversation open with Attivo.

After a few switches in footage, time with a voiceover artist to narrate, some delicate animation treatments and the audio work to score the piece. We had a piece that we felt worked.

We found ourselves in need of a high quality video in very short time scales that quickly captured the essence of Attivo and got our message across in 45 seconds or less.  We were recommended Bexmedia who took up the challenge immediately.  They very quickly got to the core of what Attivo are about and suggested a video that captured the essence of what Lifestyle Financial Planning is.  They were friendly, helpful and quick and took our brief and feedback and turned it into a great video.  Thank you BexMedia, we will be working with you again.

Attivo – Jennifer Muir, Marketing Manager

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