Grundon and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Case Study

  • Drone
  • Project Planning
  • Video Production

We have been lucky enough to work alongside the team at Grundon multiple times in the last year and so when we got the call to work with them to produce and film a case study video in conjunction with Gloucestershire County Cricket Club we jumped at the chance. The pitch was to film the T-20 Cricket match hosted by GCCC, showcasing their facilities and highlighting the impact that pairing with Grundon as sustainability partner has had on the club and the community.

We knew we wanted to film a ‘day in the life’ style video that incorporated interviews with representatives from both Grundon and GCCC. The video needed to highlight the importance of Grundon’s role in the Match Days at Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and this meant showing just how much goes on behind the scenes. We wanted to show the day chronologically from the setup, to the cricketers training and warming up, spectators to flood lights out.  One of the ways we decided to show the match changing throughout the day was with three wide shots from the same point in the stands, the first would be at the start of the day, the second during the match with all of the spectators in the stands and the last during the clean-up process. This final shot was really important as it highlighted the amount of waste that was gathered up, ready for Grundon to sort and dispose of. Showcasing the role Grundon plays in keeping the match days at GCCC running smoothly was at the center of the video and that’s where the interviews played a big part in conveying the process (from Grunon’s perspective) and the club’s key messaging (GCCC’s rep).

The concept for the interviews was to film the Grundon rep, Dan Peacey, alongside the newly released EV and the cricket representative Neil Priscott, in the stands in a similar style to some of the sports interviews we used as reference. Both interviews really captured the essence of the company and club and formed the narrative that we were then able to build the rest of the edit around.

Of course, we also had to add some exciting creative elements to the video and so the team decided on an edit style that would show a GCCC cricketer getting ready alongside a Grundon staff member in a split-screen style, but you’ll have to watch the video to see how it turned out!