Harry, Alex & Joe Work Experience

27th June 2016 Article

This week we had the pleasure of having Harry, Alex & Joe on board for some work experience.

Day 1

The first day was mostly filled with the planning and briefing section of the production process. Craig, who had given us the task to review the Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW backpack, demonstrated how to operate the equipment available to us, so we could plan what we would need to bring on each shoot. After the initial development stages of our ideas, the team taught us how to construct a studio setup for product reviews. This involved setting up two studio lights and a white backdrop in collaboration with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Samyang cine lenses.

Day 2

We began the day by finishing the studio shoot, using a mechanical slider to create a stacking effect within the customisable main compartment of the bag. Following this, we did some location scouting in the surrounding countryside, to find appropriate locations for filming later that day. During this time, we overestimated the size of a field causing us to lose ourselves amongst the long grass. Once we had rediscovered the way back to the office, Tom showed us the DJI Ronin and he helped us to balance the Sony A7s along with a lovely 35mm cine lens. This was an awesome set up. Once we took this out on location, we all operated the Ronin in turns, to create stunning smooth shots. After we had finished with the Ronin, we returned to the office to pick up a fluid head tripod. We were able to get some really smooth panning shots of both scenery and the backpack.

Day 3

Firstly, in the morning, we did a shoot in the adjacent church to the business park where Bexmedia is situated. We used the old stone walls and steps to create some diverse b-roll footage for the review. The next location was a nearby hill with fantastic views that would provide a good backdrop for the video. On the way down, disaster struck. Alex’s footing gave way whilst he was holding the tripod mounted with the slider. The “broken” slider unit was a simple fix and not worthy of the stress and fear that it had instilled on Alex.

The afternoon consisted of many takes that were needed to get usable footage from Alex’s “professional” piece to camera.

Day 4

This day was centered around post production, as we had filmed the majority of our clips and had already decided the music that would be over the top of the review. We began to create a rough sequence that developed from studio shots to exterior ones, and we soon realized we would have to film some extra footage, such as a personal introduction, to make the review longer. Furthermore, we filmed a slow motion sequence using the FS700 at 200 fps to demonstrate the water capabilities of the backpack.

Day 5

Today was our final day of work experience with Bexmedia. We put the finishing touches on the product review. This included colour grading the footage and adding sound effects. At the start of the week we had hoped to create a professional looking product review and now, at the end of our time at Bexmedia, we feel that we have done so. To celebrate, Craig took us out for lunch. The afternoon was spent writing this blog and rendering the final production. It has been a great experience.