Woodland Madness!

8th July 2015 Video production

We’ve been very busy the past few weeks since you last heard from us!

One of the most exciting things we’ve been up to is a little project up in the Forest of Dean.

We spent the past few Thursday evenings travelling up to Pedalabikeaway at the Cannop cycle centre.Using our video production kit in the forest provided a very different logistical task than we are normally faced with. Arriving the first day we were not looking forward to a big trek up to the top of the hill whilst dragging the DJI Ronin over the rocks and roots.

But we did it, massive team effort from myself, Craig, Tom and Rob. We had the first shoot where we got to use the Ronin in anger. And as you can see, it performed beautifully.

Craig dedicated a beautiful Sunday to being in the office and editing our little intro shot. 5 minutes of footage, taking another 5 hours of editing and logo building!

We reviewed the footage and understood we were gonna need more! So the following Thursday we returned.

With even more people and kit we had an amazing evening with the guys throwing down some amazing riding and we were able to capture it beautifully.

We still need a little more. With our minds buzzing with further ideas we think we can get it done in one last bite of the cherry.Roll on tomorrow!
Big thanks to Alex Camper (@alexcamper98) for the images below of the shoot.