Woodland Madness – A Bexmedia Mountain Bike Film

7th October 2015 Video production

With over half of the guys on the payroll being into mountain biking, we wanted to put our cameras and our talents outside of our comfort zones and make an edit of how we have fun in our downtime!

This was no small project, 10 riders, 4 production staff, 3 day shoot, 5 days in post and we took all the toys we could fit in!

If we were going to make something we wanted to make it worthwhile.

Our aim was to make a video that would make other mountain bike riders want to get out on the trails themselves.

The location was Pedalabikeaway in the Forest of Dean, 30 minutes from Bexmedia HQ, in a stunning surrounding with incredible natural light.

With some of our newer camera equipment, we are able to achieve extremely high frame rates resulting in super-slow-motion material, perfect for this type of subject.

Combine this camera with our stabilised camera systems and we had an excellent weapon for use in the environment.
Harry and Tom edited and colour graded the footage.

Here is the result:


Many thanks to all those people that contributed to this work. Can’t wait till next summer to make the next instalment!