Why Colour Grade?

10th March 2014 Article

So over the recent month we have been working on a variety of different projects and as ever trying to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Our most recent project for Hotcha (a Chinese restaurant chain) we had a lot of footage to deal with but we knew we wanted to use a bit more than the usual colour correction in our normal editing programs and boy were we right.

Ill try not to get too techie with this stuff but us video types have a habit of going too far into the tech which I will try to control!

Firstly here are the before and afters:

So we see that the difference that’s made from the original footage is pretty astounding bringing out the colour depth, modifying the skin tones etc.

There are subtle things like adding a little darkening round the edges of the frame, or pulling a dark edge in from one corner to shift the viewers eye or add depth to the shot. All of these things add to the “look” of the final piece and we believe add a great deal to the production value on a project. Tracking, matting, serial nodes, parallel nodes, primaries, secondary’s…… Oh wait I said I wasn’t going to get technical!

In the ever changing production technology environment, it’s surprising what can be achieved, indeed at Broadcast Video Expo that we attended last week we were pleasantly greeted by new innovation that will enable us to create ever increasing production values.

We will be releasing the work we did for the project we have discussed here in the next week or so, so please check back for that