So You Wanna Know How We Did It?

26th May 2015 Article

Hi Guys,

Its been a long time coming but we have the new Bexmedia site live and its looking rather dandy!

One of the things that we think represents part of the ethic of Bexmedia is how we found a great way of branding our contact us page…

So we have all seen a google map right?

… Right?! Well not like this you ain’t.

Although the google map has become synonymous with the “Contact us” page on most websites out there, it always sticks out like a sore thumb. It was no different with our’s and we wanted a better version.

Now here’s the trick…

After some internet digging we found a very nifty way of recolouring the output created by google and its really not hard to implement.

Here’s the link

Allowing complete control over the google map look from turning some elements off, to adding a hot pink to the landscape. We now have a map that looks much more in-keeping with the bexmedia brand.