Rhiannon’s Work Experience

5th July 2013 Article

This week we had the pleasure of Rhiannon Llewellyn a year 10 student from Beaufort School in Gloucester join us to see what we get up to.

Not only was she a pleasure to have around, she helped out on projects and was a real asset to the team for the week.

We will be sad to see her go but for now take a look at the stuff she got involved with by these diary entry’s for her week in our media den!

Over to you Rhiannon…


Upon arriving at the office on Monday I had high expectations on what I would be doing. Those expectations were definitely filled when I arrived, I started the morning with watching some ‘Final Cut Pro’ tutorials, so I could get a feel of the programme I would be using and also how you would use it. Considering I had never used an edit programme much more advance than ‘Windows Movie Maker’ I was excited to get my hand on and have a go. After watching around 20 tutorial videos so I made sure I wouldn’t mess it up and so I also knew my way around the programme and how in the world to use it, it was time for me to take on an actual project. Craig then showed me what he wanted me to do and asked me if I could duplicate what he had done just using a different video and slideshow. Feeling optimistic I got to work, after about half an hour of trial & error and also trying to recall what I had learnt from the tutorials. What I was doing finally made sense and with a little help from Craig I did it. We then had to export and render the three files that had already been made, and by the end of it 2 of the three were done. While these were exporting I pulled up a chair next to Craig and watched him finish (we thought) a project for ‘Silver.’


When I arrived at the office today, I knew what I was doing and how to do it. Craig had told me before we left on Monday he wanted me to do the final edit, on the same thing I did the day before, this time I knew what I was doing and exactly how to do it. I set to work yet again, using ‘Final Cut Pro’ to complete another video just like the one before and it honestly felt like no time before I was done and ready to, export and render the remaining file as well as the one I has just done. But that didn’t stop there, I then converted the files I had already exported from a MOV format to an MP4 format, ready to be sent to the client via ‘Dropbox’. The afternoon then soon came around and after a spot of lunch, it was time to get back to work. Craig however had a meeting which left me sat in his office with Tom watching ‘Adobe After Effects’ tutorials. After Craig’s meeting I was back on the MacBook Pro, converting the final two files from MOV to MP4. While waiting for this timely process to happen, I was then again watching Craig and Tom complete their projects, both for the ‘Silver’ client. Again back to the MacBook Pro after this ready to send all for MP4 files to ‘Dropbox’. This is extremely timely process and it took the whole night to actually send.


The arrival at the office today was definitely not a reflection on how the day would be, the arrival was very laid back, little did we know that ‘Silver’ wanted one of their videos changed, a lot. Without Tom there to work on this video, it was all down to Craig to fix. I sat with Craig from the start of editing, pretty much right to the finish, watching him making all the little adjustments and a few major alterations (maybe getting a little stressed out at the fact sometimes it wasn’t doing what is was meant to). This file was then exported and finally uploaded to ‘Dropbox’. Let’s hope the clients are happy this time.


Thursday was a day I was particularly looking forward to as we went on a Road Trip! Very small one but a road trip all the same, we drove down to Hartpury College to have a look around the campus as they want Bexmedia to do a video for them, we walked around the place and it really was a beautiful campus. Tom, Craig and James (the person who was enquiring about the video and also the person who showed us round) discussed possible shots and ways of doing the video, involving the Bexcopter, Motion Graphics and Time Lapse stuff, which I found really interesting, as I could see how these projects start and how much work planning entails as well as making the video as well. In the afternoon I watched Craig edit the show reel and upload it to Vimeo, among other things as well I watched Craig answer to some Client emails and also start a little work for another video for ‘Silver’.


Well its 11:20 now and I have no idea what the rest of the day entails, but so far I have written this so you can read about all the amazing stuff that Bexmedia does and also what goes on behind the scenes of all the Motion Graphics and Video Production they do. I really have had an amazing time and can’t believe it’s my last day I really now don’t want to go back to school, but I will have to for obvious reasons. Although it’s a lot of work, it’s amazing to see that the Bexmedia team really do work hard and the stuff that comes out in the end is definitely worth all the work. The whole process of the video making is really impressive and from what I’ve seen of it very stressful, but in my eyes it would be worth it all as the things that come out in the end are so cool. I have loved working here for the week and it really shows that there are a lot of different opportunities for work out there that you wouldn’t necessarily think of, and Motion Graphics are definitely now a field I would consider going into. I just want to thank Craig and Tom for putting up with me the whole week, and also thank you for taking me on for work experience, I’ve had a great time here and I really don’t want to leave, but thank you for taking me on, it’s been a pleasure working with you and having such a cool work experience placement.