Review Of The Blackmagic Video Assist 4K

29th April 2016 Review

We are a technically focused video production company and as such, we get excited about new equipment that can help us work smarter and produce a better end result.

When we heard about the new Blackmagic Video Assist 4K we had to get our hands on one to take for a test drive.

Generally, we were really impressed by the unit.


Great pre-amps

Good screen and great to have over 1080p resolution on a small screen size.

Very nice construction

Much more economical compared to other similar products.

Loved the responsive auto flip.

The footage is stunning!

Recessed SDI’s are a nice touch

10-Bit HDMI (if it’s available)

6g SDI


Hard to source the audio plugs though this will become easier as CVP will be shipping options with the mini-xlr to xlr converters.

It’s a centre crop only for punch in.

Poorly designed stand (not a deal breaker).

Its actively cooled so a slight fan noise.

Not the most intuitive interface

But overall we are glad to have this!


To see the full review in a lot more detail please view the video!


Please feel free to download our sample ProRes LT footage to have a play with!