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Tiger Computing
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Tiger Computing are Linux experts.

Their brief was simple, capture the core value of what they deliver for their clients and the levels of support they are able to offer, from the simple to the complex. This needed to be sympathetic to their brand identity but expanding this further, taking cues from their website and printed media.

They wanted to be bold but not get into the detail. The aim of the piece was to turn heads and leave the viewer feeling that for any level of linux support that was needed, it would be worth talking with Tiger Computing.


At Bex we are somewhat geeky ourselves, we use linux servers ourselves and as such we know how important it is to maintain and update our infrastructure.


Our approach

As this was the first time Tiger had comissioned a piece of animation, we spent the time to take them through the stages of our process. From scripting, animation treatment all the way to voiceover selection and brand identity, we wanted to give them as much visibility of how this magic works.

Working up a couple of versions of the script along side some test visuals we all felt confident that we had a great direction.

Although they did not have a full brand identity to work with, they had some great pieces of literature which we could base our illustrative direction on. Icons, colours and being bold and simple was the way we took this.

Combined with a smooth and “poppy” animation style which gave a personality to the piece.

A couple of revisions later, we had a piece that everyone was happy with.


An interesting side note

Although we offer subtitling for accessibility purposes as a matter of course with all our work, Tiger Computing had some additional insight. One of their stakeholders was deaf and when we originally presented the subtitled version, it was noted that it was not clear enough. We had made something that looked “on brand” but this had missed the mark with regard readability and standards. A simple adjustment later and we had the green light that this was now fit for purpose.

This point is something we look forward to helping our other clients in the future who may not have this incredibly important insight.


Craig and Lexy are extremely helpful, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. They delivered the perfect video for our website

Shaun Poole – Tiger Computing