PM Awards 3D Animation

Darkhorse Agency
  • 3D Animation

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Awards are an important date in the diary for the industry, it’s a place to share ideas, reflect on work created and build connections.

Part of the awards allows for the sponsors to get their name up in lights. Darkhorse Agency have supported the awards over the years but its always a challenge to create content that makes that audience sit up and take notice.

Working in collaboration with the creative director of Darkhorse, our job was to create a headline piece of content that communicates their value in an impactful way. The chosen method; an impressive 3D animation with a sound track to match.



Once all the various resource’s were lined up and the project plan was in place it was time to get animating.

The way the balls move and interact with eachother, having the initial explosion and ball acting as a catalyst for the other colours exciting and popping in colour needed to be carefully looked at. Testing a few methods and styles till both us and Darkhorse was happy with how these interactions were feeling.

One of the key factors in the execution was the sound design. The music was selected but in order to enhance the impact throughout the sequence. Selecting and blending foley effects to syncronise against both the camera movement and particle interactions.

3D rendering takes a fair amount of time, we used several stages of draft render. The first was to get the movement of the particles and cameras, the second to test the colour and lighting, the third to add some texture and the final to apply post fx and colouring. Each stage building on the last and allowing for a smooth production process.

Once combined and the final adjustments made, the asset was ready to hit the big screens and speakers of the event.