Mira Form Product Reveal

Mira Showers
  • Branded Content
  • Motion Graphics

It’s great working with Mira as every year we have worked with them we have seen innovation in the products they produce. Form was no exception.

The product’s USP was its ability to adapt the fixture so it can be retrofitted easily. This involved some very complex engineering design.

Our job was simple, to showcase this adaptability and key values of the product in an engaging way.

The start point for the project was a series of key selling points and a graphic style board which the design at Mira had worked up.

In a snapshot, this board showed the visual identity for the product.  This was to be used across their promotional activities and it gave us a really strong sense of how this piece needed to feel.

We set to work, testing animation styles, colour combinations and pacing.

As part of the wider project we were also tasked with creating photography to be used across the launch. We took this opportunity to create a series of stop-motion sequences that were made specifically for this animated piece.

The bold nature of the graphics lent itself to an animation which was fast-paced, and visually rich. Working with key phrases, using the typographic style in line with the photography we started to put it together.

motion graphics layout Form

The final piece of the puzzle was the audio. Mira had identified a style of music they felt would work for them.

As this was a headline piece of content for Mira and the need for high production values across this piece, we decided to reach out to a composer for this video. Working with them and the content, the bespoke audio is what pulls this video together.

This was one of the most creatively rewarding motion graphic pieces for us this year and when this was shown at the launch for Form, we were told it was incredibly well received.

To see our video in action, head over to https://www.mirashowers.co.uk/mira-form/