Karndean – Inspired by

  • Branded Content
  • Drone
  • Video Production

Over recent months we have been lucky enough to work on several motion graphic pieces for Karndean, but this was an opportunity to shoot.

As a company they and their products are inspired by materials found in the natural world.

We needed to find the best locations where, in this instance, natural slate could be filmed in a cinematic way. With the aim of producing a stylised video that would connect with their audience leaving them wanting to explore the slate product range.

Our approach

For this film location selection for this project would ultimately define how the end product would feel. This was to be a montage of inspirational shots focusing both on slate as a material and the landscape where slate is found.

After some signifcant location research, we were able to present options that we felt confident would work.

Llanfair Slate Caverns in the summer months is a tourist desination on the west coast of Wales. However we were lucky that this project had fallen in the off season and as such, we were able to negotiate an “access all areas” pass for the crew. Giving them the flexibility to work in a variety of locations both above and below ground.

3 hours and 34 minutes (and 135 miles) later, the crew had 1 day to get creative.

A mix of cinematic shots from the macro (ultra close up) for the detail and texture of the slate, to the wide drone shots showing the landscape where the material can be found, were all on the shot list.

Llanfair did not disappoint.

In the edit, timing the footage and selecting from the material was a joy to edit with.

A couple of minor amends later and the addition some studio shots of the Karndean slate product to finish the piece, we feel we have a video which works.