Grundon EV Bristol

  • Branded Content
  • Drone
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Video Production

As the sustainability and energy revolution continues to grow, we are finding our video content being focused around this vital subject growing as well.

When Grundon approached us to create a video which was to introduce their new EV waste vehicle to the city of Bristol we were delighted, as it was such a strong message for them which would allow us to tell an important story.

The project was going to allow us to flex our creative and technical ability to produce this reveal video with sustainability at it’s heart, for a city that cares.

Our approach

We knew we wanted the film to feature the Chairman, Neil Grundon, to highlight the heritage and history of this family-run company as well as some driving shots of the EV in and around Bristol and an amazing hero shot to showcase the vehicle in all its glory. 

We filmed with Neil back in November at Grundon’s Bristol-based depot. We felt that including the faces and voices of Grundon was a good way to start the video and created a more personal feel throughout.

The biggest challenge for this project was going to be finding the perfect location for the hero shot. We started the projects with dreams of filming the EV diving across the Clifton suspension bridge as this is such an iconic Bristolian landmark. We were brought back down to reality when we realized that the bridge has a weight limit, which the electric vehicle exceeded… massively. So, we went back to the drawing board and luckily we managed to find another spot. The Sea Walls above Avon Gorge allowed us to still get the suspension bridge in the shot without risking the lives of the crew and the structure of an almost 200-year-old bridge. 

With the hero shot sorted, we needed to plan a route around the center of Bristol. We knew we wanted well-known landmarks and locations featured in the video so we needed to narrow down the options and plan the quickest route. We also had to consider where we could use the drone and cross our fingers that the sun would be shining. 

After a series of weather and DVLA-related delays, we finally got out on the road in May. The sun was shining for us and, as you will see from the video, we got some great shots to introduce the electric vehicle to Bristol.