Grid for Good Now Press Play

National Grid
  • Video Production

Environmental social governance (ESG) efforts within all companies have many benefits but the way the National Grid continue to put significant thought, resource and investment into its Grid for Good program is truly inspiring. The stories behind the projects that they fund are pretty incredible.

This particular project partnership was with Now Press Play, an immersive educational audio-physical experience company. They have created one of their experiences focused on some of the important messages that drive a lot of what National Grid deliver for the country.

With the aim of educating and inspiring the next generation to look into engineering as a career path and the importance of a lower-carbon world, the benefits of this partnership were hard to ignore.

With this project, there was a balance to be struck with so many positive messages and different people benefiting. We wanted to weave these benefits into a story that connected them, and framed with the experience that the young people have as they use the now press play technology.

We worked with Matthew Kleanthous from Grid for Good and Oscar Wood at Now Press Play, to define the message structure and interview questions, allowing us to build the right narrative for the film.

This was all about being authentic, the story was there, we just had to tell it in the right way.

This authenticity really came alive with the faces of the wonderful young people involved. Their connection with the custom audio experience created by Now Press Play for National Grid was undeniable.


The young people were also brave enough to get in front of our cameras to answer a few questions in an interview, to get their perspective.

Grid for Good is a program within National Grid designed to do good in the communities we work in.” 

-Matthew Kleanthous

We feel this film captures one of the many examples of how Grid for Good’s community focused approach makes a difference.

Matthew summed it up perfectly.