Gloucestershire College – Further Education

Gloucestershire College
  • Motion Graphics
  • Project Planning
  • Video Production

The brief was to create an empowering video for Gloucestershire College’s Further Education department, that aimed to highlight the career prospects for potential students in stereotypically undervalued subjects. We were asked to highlight the importance of Mental Health support and underline the benefits of remaining within Gloucestershire.

We started by brainstorming some ideas with the team and came up with a concept that put the students front and center. We wanted to hear directly from the students to provide a first-hand perspective and shoot within the Cheltenham Campus to showcase the state-of-the-art facilities. We were able to build a lot of the visual elements of the video from the script but faced with the unpredictability of a college full of young people we went fully prepared to see what we could capture on the day.

Having worked with Gloucestershire College on a few projects previously we were familiar with the team and after an initial meeting to discuss the key points to be featured and some of the logistics we moved forward with the pre-production stage.

Being in front of the camera is nerve-racking for anyone who isn’t familiar with it, so to help ease any pre-filming jitters with our ‘hero’ students, we decided to set up some screen tests to select the students who were most confident on camera and give them a chance to see the script before the shoot. Naturally getting 16/17-year-olds to agree to be on camera proved tricky but with the help of Joe, our contact at Gloucestershire College, we managed to find five willing students.

Filming in multiple studios with mirrors kept us on our toes and the full body workout we go carrying kit around the campus made us all sleep like babies but the shoot was a success and we came away each day having seen some amazing skills and learned something new.

Three days, four crew members, and a celebratory end of filming KFC later and we had three SD cards full of footage and it was time to get back to the office to start editing.

In the edit we wanted to get creative.

The script style was meant to be provocative, so we felt a slightly edgy style in the edit was needed. We achieved this with a vintage colour and texture treatment and quick cuts which aligned really well with the contemporary music we had selected.

As with all our projects, we try to work out the best way to integrate the brand direction of our client.
Gloucestershire College had recently undergone a brand refresh and we have a wide pallet of iconography to work with and set them in a motion graphic style that was fit for the piece.

The final end piece was then re-formatted for a separate deliverable to be used in square format across their socials.