Gloucestershire College Adult Education

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We were tasked with creating an eye-catching animation to promote the Adult Education courses on offer across the three Gloucestershire College campuses, this time we were using stock footage and some exciting animation style to highlight some of the significant key messaging that Glos Col wanted to get across. Mainly the flexibility and career-changing aspects which targeted at an older audience.


We brainstormed some concepts which would work with the stock footage that we would be using and decided that a cutout style would make for a more abstract feel and still clearly convey the information that was essential for the video. Paired with our lovely VO artist James we produced a friendly and engaging video that would appeal to all ages.

Having previously worked with Gloucestershire College we were familiar with the team and following some initial brainstorming meetings we were ready to get a scripting session in.

This process usually involved the client coming to our offices (if they are local) for tea and a biscuit to throw some ideas around. We started by discussing the key messaging and keywords which needed to be included in the script and built around these with short and snappy phrases.

The style of the script was to get the information across in a clear and concise way, whilst still keeping it fun and light.

The animation became easier to build once we had the scripting sorted. The storyboard and stock would almost directly reflect what we were hearing in the voiceover and so all that was left was finding the perfect stock footage that would reflect the diverse and encompassing nature of the students at Gloucestershire College.

One of the biggest challenges we found was in building it for both 16×9 and square format as we had to build the main body of the animation within the center of the frame to ensure when the video was reformatted we wouldn’t lose any of the text or essential images. We also faced some challenges with the time it took to cut out the stock footage images. This was a painstaking process as they all needed to be on a white background and any parts we missed would show up on the animation and we wanted the video to look clean and professional.

We also knew that one of the criteria for the video was to include the course logos which we deconstructed and used throughout, these are the shapes that appear throughout the video, we made these move around and come apart and then come back together to create some dynamic movements – we also used these as markers on the map to highlight the different locations of Gloucestershire College campuses.

Story Board


The final video ended up being a friendly and engaging animation that quickly and efficiently gets the facts across – it is currently used on Gloucestershire Colleges’ social media sites and website.