Doff III

  • Story Boarding
  • Video Production

Stonehealth have been at the forfront of restoration and conservation for decades.

Innovation has been their key to success and when we were asked to create a video that would be used to help launch their next evolution of their core technology we jumped at the chance.

The new DOFF III machine increases the value of their core technology. Integrating new features and enhancing the credentials of what the machine is capable of.

The launch video needed to speak to the history of the company and machines, whilst presenting this evolution in an exciting way that would connect with their audience.

Time to clean some stone, carefully…


The Storyboard

After the initial fact finding with both the Stonehealth team and their web partner Nous Digital. We came back with a concept that allowed for the exploration of the features and benefits which was visually aligned with the direction for the rest of the new Doff III brand.

This wasn’t only important to just make the video sit well against the rest of the brand, but also so that parts of the video could be sectioned and used in other media and their social plan. Both at launch and the ongoing publicity of the product. A lot of effort went into the planning and exection of this video and we wanted to make sure we made something that, although having a the core aim of showcasing the product in a self contained video, could have mulitple uses on going.

This was not something to be shot in a clean studio environment. We needed a location which felt industrial but also not industrially specific. It just so happened that a recently emptied grain store on a local farm fitted the bill perfectly. This was a massive space, giving us the flexibility to work creatively, whilst allowing us to create the “hero” shot, revealing the DOFF III to the world.

Oh and we just had to get a good amount of smoke involved for the atmosphere and make those deep red lights pop.

Storyboard approved, batteries charged and high-vis on our backs, we got to work.

This was a 3 day shoot with a careful schedule keeping us on track. Stonehealth were great to work with, offering insight and helpful suggestions to make our shots even better. They were also kind enough to use their plasma cutter to make the all important DOFF III sign that was vital for the hero shot.

When the final piece was edited and delivered we awaited the launch with anticipation. When the day arrived, we were thrilled to see how our content has been used throughout their new product pages.

Go see for yourself:

When Stonehealth asks us to warm up the smoke machines again, we will be ready and waiting.