Cinapsis – Smart Referrals

  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Story Boarding

Bexmedia were approached by Cinapsis to create a key piece of marketing and communications content for their product Smart Referrals; a system to enable better HCP and patient experience between primary and secondary care.

Although we have experience in the healthcare sector, the Smart Referrals product is a groundbreaking proposition. As such, we needed to gather as much information from the team at Cinapsis about the where’s why’s and how’s against the product allowing us to create an effective animation communicating it’s core values. All within 4 weeks to hit a deadline of an exhibition that Cinapsis were attending.

We decided upon a mix of scenic and diagrammatic styles, mixed throughout the piece, with some underlying text treatments to help give it a personality.

As always the artwork played a key role, having the right assets to animate with makes a huge difference to the end production value.

We have experience in the healthcare market and in our opinion the product makes a lot of sense. We look forward to seeing how the team at Cinapsis progresses and supporting them with more content in the future.


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