PROJECT FOCUS: Special Olympics

25th December 2016 Video production

We have worked with National Grid for several years producing content for their charity partnerships team and when they asked us to create some videos to help the Special Olympics athletes eat well, sleep well and move more, we were all too keen to help out.

Like any sports person, it’s important the Special Olympics athletes exercise and look after themselves to be in top condition for when they compete. The videos we created were to give a few pointers on how to keep fit and well both for competitions and generally.

Working with the goals and key areas of importance in nutrition, health and wellbeing, set out by the SOGB team, we needed to create content to inform and inspire the athletes nation-wide to exercise and look after themselves in readiness for the various competitions throughout the year.

We worked with three athlete ambassadors (Fleur, Marianne and Iain) who were a pleasure to work with and we had a lot of fun filming with them to produce the videos. They are all a credit to the Special Olympics GB organisation along with the team at National Grid.

Bexmedia received a touching testimonial from the athlete leaders and the team at SOGB which the whole team is very proud of!


“I wanted to write to personally thank you and the crew for making the filming for our Special Olympic Athlete Leaders, Ian, Fleur and Marianne, such a great experience. The outcome is something that they can be very proud of and share with other athletes to help maintain their health and wellbeing. This is crucial for people with intellectual disabilities.

In our experience we often see people having to adjust when they first work with someone with an intellectual disability. This was not apparent working with you and the crew. You were all very at ease and comfortable with the athletes and hence got the best from them. Your professionalism and patience were maintained the whole time, whilst making sure the athletes had fun. Your leadership was clear and a great example for our athletes to see and I know how much they enjoyed all of their time with you. You really did make it about them. Thank you for making it such a great success. I would certainly look to engaging you again in the future”


“the Film crew was brilliant to work with and it was nice to work with new staff from the film crew and the staff from National Grid they have been great to work with and the video was excellent and I would like to send a thank you message to the film crew and is the film grew doing any more filming with use in the new year and please can you forward this to the film crew” – Fleur

“Working with the film crew was amazing and educational, learning new things. I enjoyed Ian’s demonstration of the star jumps, it was really funny. The best bit for me was the exercises with Laura. It was good learning about nutrition and healthy eating, and the film crew were very kind and patient” – Marianne

We hope this will serve as a great resource for the competitors in the years to come.