Product Video In Studio With Bins!

3rd April 2012 Uncategorised

So today was a new one on the Bex team. We were tasked with making a small sting video that we are currently half way through the post on.

Working in collaboration with Montage Communications
shot in a studio close by, we had to take several shots of a new product by the excellent home wares manufacturer Brabantia.
The video is to show the new bin’s “Whisper Close” mechanism. We shot it on a nice background using bounced lighting to ensure no nasty shadows were produced.
We are looking forward to doing more product video in the future as it’s an effective way of launching this kinda thing on the web.
This piece will be sure to feature on the showreel in the near future and you will have to check out the Brabantia YouTube channel to see the finished product.
Until next time…