Motion Time-Lapse For Hartpury College

10th October 2013 ArticleVideo production

Another day another mission. This time to the prestigious Hartpury College nestled in the calm Severn Vale.

The campus makes our work very easy as it is beautiful; rolling hills, great architecture and sheep, a lot of sheep!

At 05:00 we left our houses and made our way to the lake on campus. Our aim; to capture the perfect sunrise as a motion time lapse video.Armed with several great cameras with some fantastic lens glass and a specialised time lapse dolly we set to work.

We ended up with three shots in total that will hopefully make the final cut of the video we will be producing over the coming months.

The motion time lapse rig.

A great bunch of people to work with and we are excited about what we are going to be doing with them!

Thanks Louis Rummer for the help with the time-lapse kit.