Motion Graphics Presentation Case Study

8th September 2011 Uncategorised

We always strive to do great work for our clients and it would seem we are on the right track owing to a very thoughtful gift given to us from one of our new clients Nexus, a training and educational organisation.

The Requirement

They wanted their presentation they were doing to a new client to really hit home and commissioned bexmedia to do an interactive motion graphics presentation.

This is a fairly new thing for us and we were really happy to have this exciting new project.

The Prep

We took their brand and spent time to really get to grips with what messages they were trying to get across. Once we had the messaging and the image right we set to work on building their content into something a little better than the common “death by PowerPoint”.

Picking certain themes throughout the presentation we created custom animated content that related back to the key messaging.

The Result

On delivering the presentation the audience were suitably impressed with everyone being engaged not only by the skills of the personnel presenting but the visuals we had created.
Nicki Stewart who we had been working with on this was extremely pleased with the result saying:

‘Working with Bexmedia is a pleasure. The caliber of the presentation Craig recently built for Nexus is high indeed. Our client mentioned our professionalism on the day and credit must go to Bexmedia and their quality work for this achievement’

Below are some screenshots of the project along with the all-important thank you gift.

It makes it all worthwhile!