It’s Been A Busy Old Year

23rd December 2013 Article

So a little round up post from what’s happened and looking forward to what could be on the cards for next year. So one, we moved!


Although it was great to be in the Quays Creative offices we finally took a look at our video kit inventory, then looked at the size of office and knew something had to give.

The new place is great, the guys from Signlink did a sterling job on making it look a bit snazzier with some great wall decals and we have settled in well!

Another big bit of news is in the form of our excellent new employee Tom Zandt-Valentine (seen here head-deep in our edit suite)

He has enabled us to start a new section to Bexmedia, 3d modelling and animation. A couple of examples of our latest work are shown below…

Another thing we have managed to cram into the year is the development of our sister service Bexcopter. Most people that know Bexmedia know we embrace technology (another way of putting that is that we are massive geeks). This was a perfect marriage between amazing new technology, stunning visual results and a lot of wires, parameters, headaches and successes.

This resulted in us getting a job to do with Hartpury College that allowed us to showcase the service with great results.

Hartpury Promotional Video from Bexmedia on Vimeo.

We were invited to speak at this year’s COTAC Conference to explain how UAV systems like ours can be used in the heritage sector and were amazed at the reception it got.

We are extremely excited about what we can do in the coming year with this service as we have a few ideas! The general video production side of the business hasn’t stopped either. Having produced videos for the likes of National Grid & Brinton’s Carpets in 2013, we are entering 2014 confident in being able to continue to give great service, ideas and in the end video to all our clients old and new. We had 5 work experience placements this year and some notable mentions go to: Esme Wardhaugh, Adam Hood and Rhiannon Llewellyn. These guys all did so well and we are thankful to have had them join us throughout the year. A word of thanks must go out to the people that help us produce. Our freelancers: Rob James, Miles Burden, Oliver Merrick, Hayley Kent, Ben Kanobi, Aimee Tavana, Duncan Knowles, Rob Plumley, Paul Burke (apologies for any omissions). You guys rock! The agencies that we have worked with to create some very nice stuff: Darkhorse Agency Silver Agency Finally a big thanks to all you out in the social media land that look at our feeds and take the time to say “good job”. Friends, family, colleagues & clients…

Thank you