Hartpury College 2014

12th August 2014 Video production

On the menu this time was creating a large bank of beautifully shot footage that explores every subject area Hartpury has to offer. And believe us when we say it was a lot.

From Meerkats to rugby stars of the future, the campus is always alive with activity and it just so happens that this makes for rather good film making.

Bexmedia took all the toys in the video production box on this one. Large cranes to get some stunning shots in equine, our BEXCOPTER to get the shots cranes just can’t get!

We have to say out of all the highlights we had the pleasure of filming, the animal and land department was our personal favourite. Iggy the iguana (originally named we know!) was very well behaved, and although the wallabies were less so, it was still a great deal of fun working with them.

They must like our work as we have been asked back once more to provide aerial photography of their campus as well.