Free Your Files, A Foldr Exhibition Motion Graphic Story!

23rd February 2016 Motion Graphics

Every now and again we are lucky to be referred to projects and people that have a great new product that we would be happy to use!

Foldr is a file system framework akin to some household names you may already know (dropbox, box etc) but we saw what Chris Wheeler had created, we were happy to help come up with ideas.

The focus event for this project, was BETT (the British Education and Technology Tradeshow). With a high foot fall and many competing stands with a wide variety of products on show, we needed to create something that informed from afar, the scope and abilities for the product.

One thing we loved about the project was the strong brand that had been assembled. All the imagery that had been created translated really well to video, allowing us to flex our creative muscles with regard to a motion treatment.

With projects like this, we always like to do a de-brief with the client, assess what worked, what could have been better and what we would change if we were to do another run at a similar project.

Luckily we didn’t get our knuckles wrapped, they had some really great feedback for us. One of the benefits that we didn’t realise was to do with the sheer number of people and a testiment to the standard of the product, lots of people wanted to take a look.

With three people on the stand, it was hard to immediately give people attention.

“We regularly found ourselves with a queue of visitors waiting to speak to the team. Having such an engaging and captivating video allowed those waiting to garner a real understanding of what Foldr is all about, before we’d even exchanged a word!” 

-Chris Wheeler

We really enjoyed the project and are eyeing up a new project to tell the full story of how the product can really help Free Your Files!

For more information on the product please check out