Free Paper Roll Out Keyed Stock Footage!

16th October 2009 Uncategorised

We are in the process of creating our new showreel and we have created footage elements that we thought you might like to get your mitts on! We all like free stuff though don’t we!

Here are three 1-2 second clips of stop motion of paper being rolled out or rolled in from being all scrunched (yes that’s the technical term) up! They are pre-keyed animation codec .mov’s should be friendly with final cut, after effects etc.

You can use them in title bars or backgrounds, pretty much anything!
Hope you like them and use them well. Post a link back to anything you make with them if ya like!
Feel free to use these in your commercial projects as well.
All the best from the team @ bexmedia

A sneak peek at what the new show reel MIGHT look like: