Free Motion Timelapse Stock Video

7th June 2011 Uncategorised

To celebrate the launch of a new product / service we have been developing, we are giving away a beautiful piece of stock footage made with the product.

This is 720P but if you ask us nicely
we will give you a full HD full quality version.
In collaboration with Louis Rummer, Bexmedia have created a system for creating moving time lapses, akin to that seen in features such as “Planet Earth”, on a budget.
We will have pricing out for the system for hire in the coming months, so be sure to check back for updates. (we might give away more free stock footage too!)
This is a robust system with many benefits and we will do a full feature on it when we have everything up together.
For now, you can grab the file by clicking on the image and downloading the link:
We only ask that you credit us at the end of your piece of video with the attribution giving our URL ( and if it’s posted online a link back to this page. By downloading the file, you agree to these conditions.