Fashion Stylist- Bristol Video

24th April 2012 Uncategorised

Bexmedia were asked to produce a video to profile the fashion stylist, writer & presenter JP.

JP is quickly making a name for himself after an already illustrious career.
The shoot we were producing was at Cabot Circus in the center of Bristol, with the catwalk up the models awaiting styling JP set to work. He was responsible for styling pretty much the full show that took place over 2 days, along with all the style for the branding of the event.
We are currently in the editing stage on this piece and it’s already looking cracking.
The shoot is aimed at profiling JP in what he does and how he see’s his role in the future. It was a long day but we captured some great images finished off with an interview with the man himself that brought the whole piece together.
Be sure to check back in a week or so once we have completed the post production phase on this project to see the finished piece.
A special thank you to Rachel Falbur who helped out with the interviews, and for that she gets a nice link to her amazing etched artwork blog, check it out!