Event Video @ BAFTA

3rd January 2012 Uncategorised

Hello one ‘n’ all and happy new year!
It’s been a wild end to the year at Bexmedia and we have been working at full capacity to produce various pieces of video content for our client’s websites but in this post we are going to describe one event in particular we filmed for The Schools Network.

We left our video production facility in Gloucester Docks and made our way to London where we were tasked with filming and capturing video of presentation materials as well.
The work was split over four different locations within the event space, the main auditorium had three cameras positioned around it to get optimum coverage. We also were able to capture the various presentations directly into our edit suite. The was content from laptops, MacBook’s & IPad, this was to ensure we could produce web ready clearly visible content for web ready video.
The day went without a hitch with the 5 strong video team from Bexmedia performing well to ensure the event was captured to the specification needed by The Schools Network.
Speaking about the event Craig Hellen, owner of Bexmedia said:
I am really happy with how these events are captured and it’s obvious the excellent e-learning potential of the video content. In the new year we will be looking at how we might pursue other avenues for these proven methodologies to be utilised.
There will be more posts over the coming weeks about all the other fun stuff we got up to in December including plenty on some interesting time sensitive motion graphics projects.
Keep watching the skies people!