21st January 2013 Video production

Brabantia Customer Service Video

So we were asked by our good friends over at Montage Communications to help with one of their clients Brabantia to ease the strain on their customer service team.

10th January 2013 Aerial Video

Bexcopter Aerial Video

On some of the frosty mornings we at bexmedia were not tucked up next to a nice warm fire. We were out on locations filming with our new piece of kit we have developed for taking some HD video cameras into the air.

17th July 2012 Video production

Trade Show Video – Brabantia

This video, shot at the Business Design Centre trade show in London, was to showcase the newly released product ranges along with some of the new ways that the company is interacting with their clients (QR codes etc.)

25th May 2012 Uncategorised

Conference Sting Video

So this week we have been prepping for a few biggies of the summer but we managed to find time to work on a conference sting working with our friends at Merlin Communications in Cirencester.

3rd April 2012 Uncategorised

Product Video In Studio With Bins!

So today was a new one on the Bex team. We were tasked with making a small sting video that we are currently half way through the post on.

19th March 2012 Uncategorised

Video & Photo Shoot In Tetbury

Hi Webfriends! So this post is about a very different piece of work we were commissioned to do for a presenter / voiceover artist / standup comedienne Gema Enseñat.

15th January 2012 Uncategorised

Every Now & Again…

We usually try to keep things strictly video production related here on the bexmedia site.

3rd January 2012 Uncategorised

Event Video @ BAFTA

Hello one ‘n’ all and happy new year! It’s been a wild end to the year at Bexmedia and we have been working at full capacity to produce various pieces of video content for our client’s websites but in this post we are going to describe one event in particular we filmed for The Schools […]