6th August 2014 Video production

Hyperion Strategy Conference

It’s been a great year thus far, and one of the fantastic new clients we picked up has been a great test of what our team can achieve. Hyperion Group, based in London with offices all round the world, is a fast-growing international insurance group. At Bexmedia we relish a challenging brief and boy did […]

10th March 2014 Article

Why Colour Grade?

So over the recent month we have been working on a variety of different projects and as ever trying to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

23rd December 2013 Article

It’s Been A Busy Old Year

So a little round up post from what’s happened and looking forward to what could be on the cards for next year. So one, we moved!

8th December 2013 Aerial Video

Aerial Video Service From Bexcopter

So, it’s been a long time in the planning, development and execution but bexmedia has developed a service to allow clients incredible footage from aerial video platforms. The service is called bexcopter.

5th July 2013 Article

Rhiannon’s Work Experience

This week we had the pleasure of Rhiannon Llewellyn a year 10 student from Beaufort School in Gloucester join us to see what we get up to.

26th June 2013 Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic For

So we started a new business relationship this week with some fab guys called “Welove9am” (

14th March 2013 Article

Isolating Youtube Audiences

So in browsing YouTube after seeing a few examples of international companies having channels on YouTube we came to an important conclusion.

20th February 2013 Article

Bexmedia Sponsors Enterprise Fund

As Bexmedia started with director Craig Hellen straight out of University, as a company we have always been very much in support of student / young entrepreneurship.