foldr scripting
5th October 2016 Motion Graphics

Project Focus: Foldr

Every now and again we get a project that we can really get our teeth into. After completing a successful trade-show motion graphic around a 6 months before, the Foldr team came to us with a much bigger challenge, to create their brand video. This video had an aim to set the app in new markets that […]

20th July 2016 Article

So You Want To Shoot On iPhone?

Sometimes, our clients ask us if they can send us footage shot an iPhone. Don’t get the wrong end of the stick here, iPhone’s don’t do as well as using a proper camera and skilled professionals but sometimes it’s all they can get us. If you find yourselves needing to shoot content on an iPhone […]

29th April 2016 Review

Review Of The Blackmagic Video Assist 4K

We are a technically focused video production company and as such, we get excited about new equipment that can help us work smarter and produce a better end result. When we heard about the new Blackmagic Video Assist 4K we had to get our hands on one to take for a test drive. Generally, we […]

23rd February 2016 Motion Graphics

Free Your Files, A Foldr Exhibition Motion Graphic Story!

Every now and again we are lucky to be referred to projects and people that have a great new product that we would be happy to use! Foldr is a file system framework akin to some household names you may already know (dropbox, box etc) but we saw what Chris Wheeler had created, we were […]

7th October 2015 Video production

Woodland Madness – A Bexmedia Mountain Bike Film

With over half of the guys on the payroll being into mountain biking, we wanted to put our cameras and our talents outside of our comfort zones and make an edit of how we have fun in our downtime! This was no small project, 10 riders, 4 production staff, 3 day shoot, 5 days in […]

17th July 2015 Article, Motion Graphics

Origami Animation Test Day

Bexmedia travelled to Dairy Studios on Wednesday the 15th July to do a test day for a stop-frame origami animation for Darkhorse Agency. This test day was key to the entirety of the project, to ensure that any quirks in the equipment or software were sorted out before the actual shoot. As it so happens, this […]

8th July 2015 Video production

Woodland Madness!

We’ve been very busy the past few weeks since you last heard from us! One of the most exciting things we’ve been up to is a little project up in the Forest of Dean.

26th May 2015 Article

So You Wanna Know How We Did It?

Hi Guys, Its been a long time coming but we have the new Bexmedia site live and its looking rather dandy! One of the things that we think represents part of the ethic of Bexmedia is how we found a great way of branding our contact us page…