Bexmedia Web Streaming Success

12th February 2010 Uncategorised

On a cold winters morning in late January the Bex team packed their kit for the first outing of the new webstreaming service. Hosted by SWRDA, Bristol Media & Northcliff, it was a total of 4 hours of live time, the subject was on how the south west will rise out of recession. Business types from all over the region got involved and discussed key issues surrounding this area.

As far as live production, the Bex team had to mic and follow 12 people as they all chipped in opinions. Rob James, our camera op. for the event did a superb job as did Rob Plumley on sound.

People were tweeting in questions about the event and Matt Anderson from Montage Communications managed the social media input for the event on the day and was integral to the whole set-up.

We created & used image assets for the stream as well as adding live titles.

All in all, it went really well and we can’t wait to do another one!