Bexmedia Sponsors Enterprise Fund

20th February 2013 Article

As Bexmedia started with director Craig Hellen straight out of University, as a company we have always been very much in support of student / young entrepreneurship.

After spending time learning about entrepreneurship out in the USA with the Kauffman Foundation Craig setup bexmedia and has a lot to thank them for.

As a business resident of Gloucester and having lived in the county since he was four years old, Craig is overjoyed to see the University of Gloucestershire taking a serious look at how to best combine the skills and capabilities of the university and apply it to the industries the County supports.

Bexmedia were given the opportunity of sponsoring the Enterprise and Innovation fund at the University of Gloucestershire and were happy to do so. From this Craig has also taken on the mentoring of one of the participants in the Business Planning program, operated by the university.

We look forward to seeing what happens with these programs over the coming months and fingers crossed Florence Nyasamo-Thomas (Craig’s mentee) will ace the business planning competition.