An E-learning Case Study

22nd September 2010 Uncategorised


The NCGE have been running Make It Happen days for a few months. These days enable the participants with a knowledge toolset and resources to start thinking seriously about starting a business. From initial analysis of their concept through to selling and making a real business out of their ideas.

The Concept

After taking part in the day and chatting with Joanne Ross, a few meetings ensued where we started to form the concept of a virtual day using video as the content.

Bexmedia and The Tomorrow People (a Birmingham based web dev agency) were chosen to build and augment the video content alongside other assets to help the students have a rich, visual and engaging educational experience, with the ultimate aim of the students producing a plan of action.

The Method

Bexmedia shot a large amount of green screen content with actress Holly Thomas to be used as an asset in the final video. Below are some raw stils from the camera and comparisons to the final videos:

A shot to show AE compositing

We worked with the in house graphics team at the NCGE to produce a style that fitted with their branding but was tweaked to allow for the flexibility provided by using motion graphics.

We also shot a significant amount of footage for case studies that accompany the main content. The aim of this was not only to inspire the viewer but get the perspective of each case study on sections of the main video. Adding a more personal perspective on the content being delivered.

All the finalised footage was delivered with their choice of music in a web friendly format.


Link to the full site

The team at Bexmedia are really happy with this project and look forward to seeing where this video methodology could be used elsewhere…

If you are interested get in touch.