Saddleback: House Show

October 20, 2016
Video Production

When Saddleback asked us to film their house show, it’s safe to say that the Bexmedia team got rather excited at the prospect!

As a representative for some of the leading brands in both road and mountain bike riding, Saddleback work with their brands to represent and showcase them to the UK market.

As part of their operation, they invite both dealers and manufacturers to their HQ for a few days of talks, work-shops and a lot of QnA’s.

The show really captures the embodiment of what Saddleback do and how they work both with the brands and the dealers, educating and informing to allow some great business to take place.

This year we had the pleasure of crafting a film to profile the show, interviewing riders, brand managers and dealers about their experiences with Saddleback.

Check out the finished video and watch out for more content in the very near future!