Oxfordshire Plan 2020

Oxford City Council
December 13, 2018
Motion Graphics

After working with South Gloucestershire council on their spatial plan project a year ago, we were contacted by Oxfordshire council with a similar need.

Their issue was that they needed engagement and involvement from the Oxfordshire community around issues that will affect them over the coming years.

This ranges from education, infrastructure, housing, the list goes on.

The motion graphic we created was a high level overview of the potential changes that could happen to the county and appealing for the community to get involved as the plan takes shape.

One of the key aspects to production on this was the timeframe. We had 2 weeks from script to delivery of the finished video which meant we had to come up with a concept that communicated everything and was achievable in the time.

So obviously we created a spinning model of Oxford, using the spins to transition between the graphics and message.